Agriculture is our passion!

Our core business is the origination, handling, transportation and financing of grains, oilseeds and oilseed meals, all of which are used as ingredients in the animal feed industry and human consumption.


We have a specific role to play in the domestic and international marketplace, with our team of experienced traders involved, not exclusively on any one product, but on the agricultural trade as a whole. The diversity of products and origins enables AWT to maintain its individuality in the domestic and international market place, offering agricultural products to buyers, which often involve complex logistics. The company’s head office is located in Estonia, with representative offices in Bursa, Turkey and St. Petersburg, Russia.


Agri World Trading benefits from an excellent reputation, enabling the company to trade with all the major producers and trading houses around the world. AWT operates various storage facilities in different areas of Estonia and Turkey where we provide the services of grain and oilseeds drying, sorting and storage. The company’s strength lies in the wealth of experience of the management, expertise in logistics, together with a network of trading relationships in both producing and consuming countries


Thanks to the experienced management and traders, AWT has already developed quite a range of destinations on supply and consumption side of agricultural commodities. The geography of our activities from the Black Sea ports spreads out to Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, Italy, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Iran, Portugal and Spain. The geography of our activities from Baltics spread out to Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands and UK.


Instead of going easy on ourselves after a successful year, we always keep pushing ourselves towards new heights. Striving towards better customer service, new destinations is how we keep our competitive edge and stay ahead of the competition. In an ever-changing market place we firmly believe that with our lean and responsive team we are well positioned to meet the challenges that lie ahead.


We believe supply chains that support the global food system must be sustainable, balancing feeding the world today with the needs of future generations. This includes environmental, social and economic dimensions. Sustainable supply chains must respect people and human rights, promote good agricultural practices, provide viable livelihoods, reduce environmental impacts, treat animals humanely, and produce safe and wholesome food.


When AWT began in 2014, our business was founded and based on the belief that “our word is our bond.” We operate with integrity and accountability. We are committed to feeding the world in a responsible way. We are passionate about our goal to become the leader across the agricultural markets we serve.